United4Cameroon (United for Cameroon), a civil society initiative of the Cameroonian Diaspora created on December 19, 2020 to sensitize, mobilize and support the Cameroonian people in their peaceful efforts towards the establishment of a rule of law in Cameroon, presents to you the list of members of its coordinating committee. 

List of members of the coordinating committee (in alphabetical order):

Amedee Dimitri Touko Tom

In charge of legal affairs

Annie Tchoko

In charge of women's rights and civic education

Collins Nana

In charge of sensitization and mobilization

Hilaire Zoyem

In charge of Public Relations (Europe)

Michael Fogaing

In charge of media and editorial staff

Philippe Njomo Ngassa

In charge of administrative and financial management

Pierre Marc Ngamaleu

In charge of Public Relations (North America)

Sandy Boston

In charge of lobbying and media

Serge Ghislain

Project manager

Villageoise du Kwat

In charge of social affairs